Discover How To Improve Performance and Reduce Pain with this Unique and Flexible Method of Functional Training (Value Approx $350)


Here’s the Reasons Why CORE FOUNDATIONS is Your Best Choice For Personalised Functional Training…

Our training is delivered either Online in your own home, or In-Studio at our state of the art Beaumaris facility. You can choose one or the other option separately, or choose both together. Either option is uniquely tailored to flexibly suit your lifestyle, abilities, and schedule.

In this day and age, with lockdowns and restrictions aplenty, and never knowing what is actually going to happen, it’s great to know you can jump from In-Studio to Online options at your leisure, with your training never interrupted for a moment, no matter what happens in the outside world.

The fact that CORE FOUNDATIONS can make this jump at a moment’s notice, and also at a world class level, separates us from the multitudes of other fitness services out there, and offers you unrivalled training possibilities of the highest calibre.

This, combined with our dedicated, hand-picked, expert trainers – who all take a heavily vested interest in both your fitness and welfare, while carefully watching and coaching you as you interact with them daily – also brings an unprecedented level of accountability, and results, to your fitness journey, which is ALL the difference. Plus, with our online option, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can have these amazing trainers by your side – anywhere, any place, any time – with them always pushing you onwards and upwards for ultra-positive results. It’s just like being in our real gym, but for many it’s even better.

CORE FOUNDATIONS offers unique Functional Training that improves your Athletic Ability and allows you to Play Sport and Move Freely for years longer.
The highly experienced CORE FOUNDATIONS Team. 

CORE FOUNDATIONS Offers Unique Functional Training That Improves Your Athletic Ability and Allows You to Play Sport and Move Freely for Years Longer.

Do you experience significant or persistent pain when you exercise? Maybe you’re recovering from an injury, or maybe your body simply doesn’t respond the way it used to? If this sounds like you, you have definitely come to the right place. At CORE FOUNDATIONS, we use in-depth knowledge of the body and its natural motion to help you enjoy physical activity without any pain. By focusing heavily on correct technique and quality of movement, we can help you vastly increase the ease of your everyday activities, and also greatly improve your performance while playing the sport you love.

Build A Strong And Durable Body Which Reduces Your Risk Of Frustrating Injuries And Break-Downs.

We use innovative training methods which follow the natural movement patterns of the human body. This means you’ll transform your body in a safe and sustainable way which will help to heal current injuries, and in turn prevent future break-downs.
Dysfunctions and injuries come from years of doing the similar movements the wrong way. Our focus is to fix these movement patterns and simultaneously correct the root cause of your pain and stiffness. This will result in a long-term solution to help you avoid physical injuries and limitations. You’ll be left with a stronger and healthier body, so you can live a full life completely free of injuries and pain.

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Discover How To Improve Performance and Reduce Pain with this Unique and Flexible Method of Functional Training (Value Approx $350)

Here’s a Mere Fraction of What You’ll Discover During Your Free 7-Day Trial…

WARNING: Are You Starting To Feel Pain While Exercising? Think that niggling pain is nothing to worry about? Think again! Experiencing pain is the first warning sign, without correcting your technique more will follow – we can address this.

Are You Experiencing No Improvement After Years Of Practice? Regardless of your chosen sport or exercise, we can show you simple tips to help you power past your plateau and improve beyond your wildest dreams.

Why Moving Smarter Instead Of Harder Is Better For Your Health: Discover the minor adjustments which will have you playing your favourite sport at a higher level and leave you feeling stronger than you ever have!

3 Simple Tricks Which Will Help You Eliminate Back Pain Forever: Back pain is one of the most common complaints we get, so we focused all our energies into finding simple techniques you can practice to eradicate it

Stop Wasting Thousands On Physio And Chiropractor Visits: Stop focusing on a Band-Aid solution – we can show you proper posture and movement techniques which attack the root of the pain and stop it in its tracks!

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Discover How To Improve Performance and Reduce Pain with this Unique and Flexible Method of Functional Training (Value Approx $350)

We provide 5 Star Service to All our Local and Global Clients. Have a read on what they have to say…

And there’s more…


Gary Stone, 58 years old, Beaumaris

“At CORE FOUNDATIONS Regan honed in quickly on the weak areas in my mobility. The outcome: less pain when I run in the areas of my legs that were weak and spoiling my runs. And improved turning in my golf swing with little or no stiffness the day after. Having been active with exercise and sport all my life I am impressed with the many simple modifications to well-known exercises that have a hugely positive effect on my body. The neurolymphatic activation of parts of the body is pretty special too. I recommend anybody that doesn’t move as well as they would like to, or should, to give CORE FOUNDATIONS a go. You won’t be sorry.”

Shane O’Neill, 32 years old, Adelaide

“The program that you designed for me, has made such significant improvements not only to my fitness but also to my lifestyle and I’m delighted that I can continue with a fitness and diet programme that guarantees me top results.”

Justin Bradley, 45 years old, Brighton

“CORE FOUNDATIONS are the consummate professionals who are passionate about helping people. It’s not about lifting heavy weights, running faster, puffing harder or straining yourself to feel like you’ve worked hard. They assess your ability to perform natural movement and then engineer targeted training schedules to reach your goals. This has helped me feel more stable and confident in my movement when lifting the kids, or out on the water kiteboarding. Thanks!”

Bob Helibrunm, 66 years old, Brighton

“Highly motivated and professional approach while taking care to nurture as well as test the client’s ability to be challenged. CORE FOUNDATIONS have an inclusive and accommodating approach with their clients and their positive input is of great assistance. Highly recommend the team!”

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Discover How To Improve Performance and Reduce Pain with this Unique and Flexible Method of Functional Training (Value Approx $350)

Be Empowered With Knowledge And Correct Form So You Reap The Benefits Well After You Finish Your Session

You can use our years of experience and knowledge to take better long-term care of your body. We will reveal specific techniques to improve posture, breathing and correct movement. This will help you enjoy exercise without having to see the physio or chiropractor the day after.
You’ll feel years younger as you move through each day with greater energy and less pain. You’ll also perform better at your preferred sport or exercise – whether you go for a morning run, love tennis or play a morning round of golf.

You Get Personalised Training Which Gives You The Time And Attention You Need To Reach Your Specific Goals.

We understand everyone is different and we all have different goals and needs. That’s why we take a personalised approach to everyone who walks through our doors. Our expert team of coaches undertake on-going training so they can give you the best solution to your needs. They’ll discuss your personal situation and any problems or any concerns you might have. Then they’ll tailor a specific program which helps you reach your goals and improves your physical performance while lowering your chance of pain or injury.

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Discover How To Improve Performance and Reduce Pain with this Unique and Flexible Method of Functional Training (Value Approx $350)

Here Are A Few More Benefits You’ll Gain From Our Unique Method Of Training


Build A Super Resilient Body Which Never Breaks Down 

We’ll give you specific steps to improve your core strength and durability and help you eliminate bad habits which contribute to debilitating injuries and pain

6 Simple And Easy To Follow Steps To Correct Poor Posture

By following these 6 straightforward steps you’ll never have to worry about bad posture or the aches, pains and long term health problems it can bring

Dramatically Increase Your Strength, Stamina And Endurance 

You won’t believe the difference our functional training will have across a wide range of areas you’ll be stronger, fitter and move more freely than ever!

Continue Playing Your Favourite Sport For Years Longer

Afraid you’ll have to give up the sport you love because of injury or pain? We’ve helped dozens continue their passion and we can do the same for you

Why Mainstream Training Strategies Aren’t Working For You

The market is full of training regimes which focus on the wrong goals and teach unnatural movements which risk serious injury and chronic pain

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Discover How To Improve Performance and Reduce Pain with this Unique and Flexible Method of Functional Training (Value Approx $350)

Check Out Your Incredible Training Options

In Studio: Our State of the Art Beaumaris (Melbourne) Studio has everything you need.


As soon as you walk into our fully-equipped facility you’ll know that you are not in any regular type of gym. For a start, it’s friendly, it’s social, the coaches go out of their way to help you out, the equipment is top of the line, and the other members will help you push through when the going gets tough.
It’s an amazing place to train!

It’s easily located on the South Concourse in the beautiful bayside suburb of Beaumaris, just off Reserve Road.

Personal Training and Small Group Classes are our specialty here, all delivered by a team of hand-picked functional experts that have been selected not only for their vast knowledge of human movement and functional training techniques, but also for their great personalities and genuine interest in their clients. CORE FOUNDATIONS prides itself on having this unrivalled team of incredible coaches who will stop at nothing to get you the results you need, and make sure you have a great time while you’re at it!

Online: Our Online Platform is unrivalled for both its quality and HUGE range of options.


You can train anywhere, anytime. CORE FOUNDATIONS has over 20 live sessions to choose from each week from our cutting-edge online platform. That’s a live session with a real trainer who will provide everyone with detailed feedback on how they’re going during their workouts. If you can’t make our live sessions then we also have a library of pre-recorded sessions that you can access any time of the day with CORE FOUNDATIONS ON DEMAND.

Plus, the many benefits of Online Training that cannot be overlooked…
● Minimal equipment needed to get a dynamic full body workout.
● Over 17 years experience and over 16000 sessions of combined online experience throughout our team expert coaches.
● Workout in the safety and comfort of your own home.
● No need to worry about the weather.
● Improve your health and fitness at a time that suits you.
● Have limited space? If you can lie down we can work with you.

Don’t forget to enquire about our Online Personal Training option. If small groups don’t work for you, you can’t get into the studio, or you need that extra personal touch, we are ready to go whenever you are. Enquire HERE. We can also provide you with any Equipment you need for your online workouts, with incredible prices for Core Foundation Members. Enquire HERE for great rates on high-quality, durable, workout gear.

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Discover How To Improve Performance and Reduce Pain with this Unique and Flexible Method of Functional Training (Value Approx $350)

Our Quality Guarantee To You…

At CORE FOUNDATIONS we are BIG on results. In the highly unlikely event you don’t feel like we’ve made a difference to your training after your FREE 7-day trial, simply let us know and we’ll personally pay for you to try one of our competitors for 1 week for FREE!
Why would we make such an outrageous guarantee? We know your time is important and we respect it. We also know you want real results – and we back ourselves and our unique way of training to get you the outcome you deserve!

Grab a Few More Extras During Your Trial

Sign up for your 7-Day Trial, and also get all these amazing benefits…

Personalised 60-minute 5 Point Movement Health Check: Is your body struggling to recover from exercise? Have one of our movement specialists work with you to diagnose any movement problems with your body. Then we’ll build a custom training plan which eliminates them for good so you can finally move freely again (Value $59)

● 7 days of UNLIMITED access to ANY of our training services: This includes our specialist Small Group Trainings, and a personalised 1 on 1 PT Session so we can have you training like you’re back in your 20’s again! (Value $195)

● Access To Our CORE FOUNDATIONS Ultimate Guide: 8 Simple Stretches To Eliminate Joint Pain, Boost Energy And Decrease Body Fat: We’ll give you a copy of our ebook which reveals the simple stretches and steps you can take to help reduce your injury risk, eliminate back, hip and joint pain for good and increase your performance! (Value $19)

● 4 Hidden Movement Hacks You Can Do In 15 Minutes Which Will Blow your Mind: Did you know the average Aussie walks over 2,700,000 steps a year! This simple movement can lead to a variety of issues and injuries if done incorrectly – after the 5 Point Movement Health Check we’ll teach you 4 body hacks which can instantly improve your performance and enable you to become a happier, healthier and stronger you (Value – priceless)

● Gait walking analysis: We’ll look at your gait (your walk) and alignment to help you to make small, easy adjustments in your day to day walk which will reduce unnecessary pain and improve your movement (Inc in 5 point movement health check)

● Plus, at the end of your 7 days, you’ll receive a Full Progress Review with us to assess your improvements, and we’ll put together a game plan for you to continue your progress and do what you love for longer, whether it’s running, golfing or getting a new personal best! (Value $35)

CORE FOUNDATIONS takes a personal approach, giving each and every client the time and focus they deserve. That’s why we can only afford to offer a limited number of these free trials. So DO NOT delay – act now and discover how our unique training methods will improve your life!


Discover How To Improve Performance and Reduce Pain with this Unique and Flexible Method of Functional Training (Value Approx $350)
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